You Are The Greatest


There is no one like you.  It is time to admit that.

By not doing so, you are cheating yourself, the world.

 You are here to do great works – and you know it.

 You  are  a  child  of  God.

 Ever since you were young you knew you were here for a purpose.

 And you let the world shrink you down. This is your time.

 It is time for you to shine. Your light is a beacon for others to see,

 a beacon that illuminates a world of possibilities.

 You OWE IT to the young child within you,

 to find your dream again and make it real, now!

Life moves on. Time is short. Not to do so would be a crime,

 a crime against you, a crime against humanity.

 The world awaits your special gifts and talents, now.

 It wants them. It needs them. And only YOU can deliver them.

 To take the challenge to live your dream again is to say to the world —

 I am the greatest and so are you. To say to the world, here’s my hand–

 join me as TOGETHER we live our lives ON PURPOSE.”

© 1999 DW Starr

DW STARR reminding you to


24″ x 18″

POSTER - You Are The Greatest