“Bringing you in to speak to our company was one of the best decisions we’ve made this year. It’s been six weeks and our divisions’ sales have increased by 12%. We’re glad you’re coming back next year. We can’t wait.”

Janis Simone
Sales, Switzerland, Nobel Biocare

 5 S.T.A.R.R. Confidence
Create a More Confident Workforce in 17 Minutes

We all want more confidence. Using the success of 5 Star Blockbuster Movies, DW Starr has inspired and transformed countless organizations and leaders through his groundbreaking, time-tested,
5  S.T.A.R.R. Confidence Strategy.

Through his innovative and unconventional presentation style, DW teaches practical strategies they will use immediately to create the success they want in their business and life. DW teaches your organization how to recognize and evaluate their own self-confidence, embrace the risks needed to increase their confidence and how to become a Confident Leadership Starr.


Learn DW’s
5 S.T.A.R.R. Confidence Strategy
Understand How Risk Taking and Experimenting can Generate Innovative Ideas and Increased Revenue
Develop the Right Questions that will Affect Positive Change and Generate Increased Market Share
Understand How Confidence Yields Increased Employee Engagement
Discover How Increasing Confidence Will Drive Organizational Performance
Learn How Creating Micro-Goals Can Lead To Incredible Growth
Discover How Low Confidence and Negativity Effects Organizational Performance
Understand How Confidence Is The Key To Success

We all want to be the Star (hero) in our own job, business and even life, “movie”.

Yet, we often need more confidence to accomplish our business & life goals we have for ourselves.