I offer to you this challenge!

Live this year like it was your last one on earth, or in business; for all you know it may be.

No one knows the future, especially yours.

What would you be thankful for?

Who would you talk to?

Who would you meet with?

How long would you sleep at night?

How would you wake up in the morning?

How much time would you spend in front of the tv, ipad, laptop?last year

Would you complain less and praise more?

Would you treat everyone you meet with respect?

Would you see the good in people?

Do you have a “MUST” list?

Would now be the right time to start one?

How would you treat those you love?

How would you be with those you dislike?

How do you want to be remembered by friends, business associates, enemies, loved ones?

So let me ask you…are you waiting to see your doctor or your accountant so he or she can tell you if you don’t change your living or business style, you are going to die or go out of business? Or would it have to be a morbid statement such as, “you have 9 months at most, in your life or business…so you better get your affairs in order.”

Why not start with the premise that you or your business are already on borrowed time so every moment is a gift?

How’s your Attitude?

DW Starr reminding you to