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Wow.  You just found a blog to change how you can use your memory more effectively to save you time, money and stress in your work and personal life. If, you like me, think it sounds too good to be true, keep reading.

You may or may not know my story. That doesn’t matter. It depends how you found this blog.  You might have been told about my story and this blog by a friend or business associate, heard me speak at a keynote, attend one of my workshops or you might have found it ON THE WEB through a search for memory, remembering, or mnemonic devices. It doesn’t matter how you found it.  What does matter is what you will do with the information once you have it. The question is,   “if and when will you apply this simple yet practical memory device in your work and personal life.” I guarantee you that if you use this memory device properly and often you will save time, money and stress.

Here’s some quick background for you.  I have had three separate TBI’s, Traumatic Brain Injuries throughout my life. They were at the ages of 2, 6, and 40. They have left what I like to call, Brain Scars. One of those scars is the effect they had on my memory. By the time I had the third TBI I realized I needed to Change. I needed to do something about my memory. I was forgetting things I wanted to remember.  Now I’ll be the first to tell you that there are a lot of things I don’t want or need to remember. So in that way, my “deficit” is a plus. I’m a Change & Business Growth Expert, wow that’s a mouthful. And I speak and consult professionally to organizations to help their leaders and employees drive change for exponential growth. This happens through how they handle change in their work and personal environment. I am constantly doing “audience research” when I speak to organizations small and large.  One recurring theme they share with me is that sometimes they wish they could remember less and forget more.  Of course that seems a bit strange since this is a video for remembering more effectively. So here’s the scoop.  They want to forget more trivial information and remember more important information.

Well I am good at what I do when it comes to change. In fact I’m real good. And if you’d like to see where you are in your style of handling change and how that does or doesn’t serve you, I’ve created and developed a Free Change Quiz so you can better understand your own personal change process. If you are interested in taking that Change Quiz just go to Now, let’s get back to the remembering. Like I said I am good, (but I’ll have to leave the wanting to forget more, to another day). What I will do for you is simple.  By the time you are done reading this you will remember more of what you want to remember and you will save time, money and stress doing it. Sounds good, right?

OK Here’s how the device works. Let’s say you own a cell phone. 91% of Americans do. Let’s say you drive a car. 95% of American households own a car. And let’s say you wear glasses, almost 40% of Americans either wear them all the time or occasionally. If you are one of these people I can guarantee you that in the last three weeks you have probably left home, work or maybe the supermarket or restaurant, and forgot your phone, keys or glasses at least once. If you have, nod your head.  OK I can see you out there.

Seriously what kind of time and money did you lose? as well as what stress did it cause you?  Did you have to squint your way through work that morning? Did you have to run out to a store and buy a pair of those reading glasses during your lunch break just to survive the day? How naked did you feel not having your phone? For some it actually feels like a piece of their body is missing. Yeah, it really does. Did you miss an important call for business that cost you a contract bid? Did you miss a call from your significant other or from one of your children? Did you go outside, get in your car and realize you didn’t have your keys? So you had to go back in your house or apartment and look for them which took up valuable time.  Or did you leave them on the counter at the dry cleaners or the donut shop? We’ve all done it at one time or another. It can be annoying, embarrassing and time consuming. Do you remember how stressful it was until you found that object and were on your way again?

Here’s how to save time, money and have less stress. Create mnemonic devices for all the things that are important for you not to forget. For phone, briefcase, keys, glasses I use a funny phrase which is so silly I remember it.  PLEASE BRING KAZOO GUIDE…Yes, PLEASE BRING KAZOO GUIDE. That’s P for Phone, for Briefcase, K for Keys, G for Glasses. Now stay with me, here…Before I ever make a transition (that’s when we usually forget these types of objects)  I remind myself of this phrase: PLEASE BRING KAZOO GUIDE . It’s easy to remember because I use a Kazoo in every keynote and workshop I do. So I chant this mantra every time I leave work, my home, my hotel room, train, plane, a store, a restaurant, someone else’s home, gas station, you name it. As a result, I have saved myself time, money (by the way, time IS money) and endured far less stress. I use many other devices, too many too mention here.

MNEMONIC DEVICESo, here are a quick 5 examples out of hundreds of mnemonic devices that my audiences have come up with during their brainstorming sessions:> KEEP BACK PACKKEYS, BRIEFCASE, PHONE> BRING STUFFALONGBRIEFCASE, SUITCASE, ALTOIDS> JUMPSJACKET, UMBRELLA, MONEY, PHONE,SUNGLASSES> GET CASH BONUSGLOVES, COMPUTER, BRIEFCASE> PRICEPHONE, REPORTS,IPAD, CHARGER, EAR BUDS. You can really have fun and be very creative. The more creative the device, the easier it is to remember.

I also use variations on a mnemonic device such as one Letter multiple times. For instance, to remember the 5 cornerstones of my life I use 5 F’s. I even have a blog on it at my website , look for the PERSONAL SUCCESS button, or you can reference it on my YouTube channel. The 5 F’s are the 5 Cornerstones for My Life —  FAITH, FEAR, FOCUS, FORCE, FORGIVE (don’t forget to check out that video).

A few more examples from my audiences of STUFF AT WORK they don’t want to forget>> POWERPOINT, THUMB DRIVE, LUNCH, POINTER, MARKERS, PROJECTOR, NOTES, MAKE-UP, OUTLINE, CALCULATOR, DISPLAY UNIT, NOTEBOOKS, FOLDERS, PRODUCT BROCHURE,  and the list goes on. Well you can use the device to remember a take-out order, a food-shopping list, a word document, a list of just about any kind you can imagine. It can even be used to remember a presentation outline.

As an example of that, due to my memory deficit, I need a way to remember my own 5 STARR Formula for Championing CHANGE developed for my “When Change Means Business” Brand. I use my name Starr to do so. S for Strategy, T for Transform, A for Attitude, R for Relationships, and R for Responsibility. In fact, I want that so emblazoned in YOUR memory, that next time you see a Star, I want you to think of my 5 STARR Formula for Championing CHANGE and the best way you can leverage change so you increase your business productivity, inspire your team and stay ahead of the game.

So for YOU and whatever you are needing to remember, I want you to have fun with this.  Be creative.  Personalize it for yourself. Make your mnemonics memorable. Use them to save you time, money (remember, time IS money) and have less stress. Do it today!

I am in the middle of collecting more mnemonics, so when you come up with a good one, go to my website and send it to me. I’m making new blog with mnemonics created by my viewers and audiences. On the next one I do I’ll be giving credit to the device creators who want me to – perhaps that could be you?

DW STARR reminding you to