Welcome to this blog episode of The FUTURE IS NOW!

We are living in a warp-speed changing world. Inventions and thought movements are happening in every aspect of our business and personal lives. Just when you think you have a handle on it, something changes.

So I offer you this challenge.

You can learn to be a change champion or stay back and be changed challenged. It’s your choice.

Because I guarantee you this…

If you’re not driving change in your organization or personal life, the world will pass you by. I offer you these examples of change that will have a major impact on how we work, live and yes play.


Flying cars are not just a fantasy.  They are here and will be in the air sooner than you might think. AeroMobil has
developed a plane that folds into a car. Audi and Google have developed autonomous, driverless cars.  Audi has gone so far as to test it on a racetrack against a human being and it beat the human driver.


There is noodle and pizza crust made from Garbanzo beans with four times as much fiber in it. Pizza, anyone?

Google is working on face recognition for glasses that will tell you who you are looking at, just in case you forgot their name. Imagine this for salespeople or even at a party.

ImmunoMatrix has developed a patch that delivers vaccines, no needles necessary. I myself don’t like needles very much. How about you?

For the challenged chefs among you CircuitLab has developed a pan that teaches you how to cook.  Built in sensors tell you step by step what to do.  Watch out Rachel Ray.

Magnetic hovering technology, is not just for hoverboards like in “Back to the Future.” The company, Hendo,  is developing this technology to stabilize valuable works of art and yes even buildings during earthquakes.

The Mangalyaan (Mars spacecraft in Hindi) went into orbit around the Red Planet, a technological feat no other Asian nation has yet achieved. And listen to this, Building the craft cost India just $74 million, less than the budget for the film “Gravity.”

Samsung has found a way to display holograms using your phone’s screen. Unlike most other holographic images, you don’t need another device to provide background light.

Get ready for wireless everything. Wireless charging from ChargeSpot and wireless power from Witricity used in Cars, PC’s and Household Appliances.

VR, Virtual Reality is not just for fun and games, from the newly reimagined use by the New York Times to the Virtual tours of the Holy Land by Jaunt VR and RYOT VR.

3D printing is on the rise, no longer something coming in the future. It’s here. Companies like 3dfixtures and 3d designs along with many entrepreneurial companies are in it to win it. 3D printing for prototypes alone will cut costs of manufacturing by Billions. A few from the current list includes: 3D printed cars, human organs, musical instruments for children who can’t afford real ones, and prosthetic hands. And, yes, every day around the world more products are being added to this list.

Iris and contact lens scanning will replace passwords and keys such as for signing onto various machines, such as phones, computers and entering places like your car and home.

And finally, get this, for the neighborhood sports enthusiast, a virtual coach is coming. Info Motion Sports Technologies has created a basketball that comes embedded with sensors and Bluetooth that sends performance data to a mobile app—allowing you to measure, say, the arc of your jump shot. Imagine being your own John Wooden.

It’s not a matter of whether you like change or not anymore. It does and will continue to affect every aspect of your life.

From the way you get to work, to where you work, to how you learn and how you play it’s here to stay.

You can learn to be a change champion or stay back and be changed challenged. It’s your choice.

So, whether we like it or not, as I said at the beginning, if you’re not driving change in your organization or personal life, the world will pass you by.

Look for my next episode of The FUTURE IS NOW!

Hey it’s DW Starr here reminding you to keep shooting for the stars and  Keep on Changin’