This is a program created and developed by me that encourages “paying it forward”.

I have presented this program for the past 16 years in many parts of the world.

It is a rather simple program to follow, yet quite CAPTIVATING in its RESULTS.

“I call it my PGP, Personal Gratitude Program.”

The program is used in restaurants, grocery stores, clothing shops, on the phone, gas stations, airports, hotels, hardware stores, or any place where you are dealing with a human being whose job it is to be of service to you.

It is best explained by giving you a scenario you might find yourself in. To skip the scenario and go right to the PGP description, scroll down to the RED print. 

Survey form with a tick placed in Outstanding checkbox.

Survey form with a tick placed in Outstanding checkbox.

Let’s say that you have decided that you are going to paint a butcher block table that you have had for many years a shiny black so you can re-purpose it in your home.  Now let’s say you don’t know the first thing about doing this besides knowing how to spray paint. You once spray painted two lawn chairs to match a new table you bought for your deck. You used a can of dark green spray paint on two light green chairs.

The first thing you do is go to the hardware store to get the paint. You’re looking for shiny black. You know you don’t need a lot.  It’s not a very big table, 5 feet by 2 1/2 feet.

You decide to ask an employee at the hardware store what size cans of paint they carry. That person asks you if you mean spray or with a brush? You tell them you mean a can of spray paint. The employee points you in the direction of the spray paint. This is a pretty typical response.

On your way to that isle another employee engages you and asks you if you need any help. You tell the employee you think you’ve got it under control, you’re just looking for a can of shiny black spray paint. The employee decides to ask you a question. He says,

“What are you going to paint?” You begin to explain your plans.

The employee, by now she has told you her name is Tracy, says that she has a suggestion. She says if you really want it to look good, she would suggest not spraying it, but brushing it with liquid paint. Then takes the next step which qualifies her for the PGP. She explains the proper way to get the best results. The first thing I should do is scuff it up all over. She takes me to the sandpaper aisle and shows me which one to buy. Then she walks me to the liquid paint isle.  She says I should use two coats of a gray primer and points to it. She then explains that I will want to get an angled brush because I will be able to avoid “blotching” that way. She shows me the hand motion to use to get the best results. She shows me the paint to buy and takes me to the area where they shake the cans of paint with machines.  After it is all shook up, she hands me three paint stirrers and wishes me luck.



You thank the employee for giving you such great service. You tell them that when you get great service you like to tell their boss. You ask for the name of their boss. You ask if the boss is present at that time. If so, you ask to speak to their boss. If the boss is not present, you can then do this by phone, or if that is not possible by email. Be prepared that when the boss comes to greet you, they may be a bit defensive.  Most bosses know that when a customer asks for them it is almost always a complaint of some kind.

You then begin to explain to the boss that you have a PGP that you use.  It is reserved for employees who give you great service. NOW, HERE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE PROGRAM. You become very specific in telling the boss how the employee was extraordinary. You can also say how the boss should be proud to have such a great employee. You tell the boss that you will definitely be back to shop again, and thank the boss.


There are multiple CAPTIVATING results from this program.


  1. The employee feels recognized and appreciated for their efforts.
  2. The boss feels like they have been a good trainer or example to the employee.
  3. Both the boss and the employee are usually use to hearing nothing or complaints.
  4. The next customer that comes in contact with either the boss or employee will benefit from the positivity.
  5. This can not only “make their day”, it can make their month. It has a long-lasting effect on both of them.
  6. An added benefit is that it makes the customer feel great as well, knowing they have “payed it forward”.


This program can also be used within an organization that has many departments, divisions, and or groups.


Go ahead and give it a try. You’ll be amazed at how such a simple program has such CAPTIVATING RESULTS.


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