We’ve had a 24% increase in employee buy-in to the sales changes we’ve made. We’re using your Confidence Strategy that you presented to us three months ago, and it’s working great.

Russel Garabaldi, Sales Director, Astellas

Thanks DW for strategizing with us to take my team’s confidence to a whole new level. We sure got our money’s worth!

Terri Frescon, Division Head, abbvie

By the end of your program 3 of my team leaders came up to me and said they were putting your strategies in place starting tomorrow. Now that’s immediate results!
Nancy Trevors, VP, Sales, AstraZeneca

DW helped our leaders grow their confidence, with specific steps we took immediately. He’s the “real-deal.” His unique presentation style of “facts and funny” are sure to keep your audience at the edge of their seats.
Jack Rashona, Sales Director, ExxonMobil

I sometimes lack self-confidence. After listening to you speak, I saw confidence differently. In the last week, with your 5 STARR Strategies, I have accomplished more toward our project goals than I have in the last year.
Sue Hodgson, JP Medical Ltd, UK, Publisher

When it comes to CONFIDENCE, Mr. Starr, you really have the ‘RIGHT STUFF”. It’s been six months, and we are still using your confidence strategy, which is making a measurable difference in our productivity.
George Peterson, Colonel, S. Korea, US AIR FORCE

I am very impressed with your ease with people. You made us feel like we were sitting at our kitchen tables having a chat with you. Your strategies are very practical and we use them monthly.
Greg Shanahan, American Capital, Manager

DW, thank you for kicking off our conference with a bang! Your Confidence Strategy presentation was a big success. Dollars well spent!
M. Messalo, Director, American Society Anesthesiology

DW Thank you for helping me to stop thinking small and have the confidence to believe in my greatness and the unique, powerful gifts I bring to the world and those in my life now and in the future. You were funny, interesting and inspiring all at the same time. You stories were so real and believable.
Patty Marcus, Asia Pacific Initiatives, Director