How would you like to have EXPONENTIAL GROWTH in your business and life? How would it feel to get the results you truly deserve? The time to CHANGE is NOW- not someday, not some distant tomorrow, but NOW.CHANGE Means BUSINESS…Learn how to turn CHANGE into your AWESOME ALLY. These CHANGE-DRIVERS (Brain-Change Exercises) take you, along with DW’s Business clients, through a step-by-step journey of self-development to maximize your full Business-Potential, and to live your life as you were meant to.

Whether you want to catapult your business or career, strengthen your relationships with friends and family, get along better with co-workers, or take your energy to a higher level, these CHANGE-DRIVERS will help you DO IT! With the help of Change and Business Growth Expert, DW Starr, you’ll learn how to…




Maximize your Change-Effectiveness at work and play


Bust through old patterns that hold you back


Set and actually follow through on YOUR EXPONENTIAL GROWTH VISION


Achieve an energy level you never thought possible

What readers are saying about “When CHANGE Means BUSINESS”


I’ve seen this Change Expert Speaker in action on the platform. He has a way of making you feel as though you are sitting at your kitchen table with him. Now, in this same way, his book weaves his stories of CHANGE-DRIVERS into powerful and usable techniques for both your professional and personal exponential growth. Read it Now!

Arnold Sanow, Professional Speaker, author of 6 books including “Present with Power, Punch and Pizzazz.”

Whether you want to make a minor change or a major one —-“When CHANGE Means BUSINESS” is a must have!

Patsy Anderson, Concept Designer, PWN Radio, Women’s Expo Forum

DW has been a great mentor to me since I met him a year ago. His book has changed my life and the way I approach change in my business and in my personal life.

JagadeshMohanram, CEO, Aragorn Systems

This is a practical no-nonsense guide to what really works in making exponential changes successfully.

Patrick Haggerty, President, Haggerty Group, Keynote speaker, Grassroots Legislative Advocacy

If you’re struggling with change in your life and think one more book can’t possibly make a difference, think again. This change expert has the rare gift of breaking things down (both at the podium and now in book form) into bite-sized pieces that you can use to change yourself on a daily basis in your work, home, and play.

Gregory Shanahan, Manager at American Capital

This is the ultimate change reference guide and handbook. Anyone who ever needs to make any type of Business Change should refer to it often.

Matt Fee, Regional Accounts Manager at Reed Elsevier

His speaking style is now in print — Everyone who is really serious about making a change in their work or personal life should get this speakers’ book. It’s packed with clear, concise ideas and techniques that can be used immediately. A must read for those who want to make exponential change Now!

Andrew Finn, Professor, George Mason University, radio talk show host, professional keynote speaker

Great advice from a professional who knows what it takes to “make change a friendly word again.” You’ll do well to have the author as your mentor as you use this resource to chart your new path to positive change.

Maria Rock, CEO/Founder, Photographer and Educator at Maria Rock Photography

At last, a real book about change that is practical and not theoretical – written by a Change Expert Speaker who knows what he is talking about.

John Bailey, Entrepreneur, Global Speaker – “Building Leadership Culture”, John Bailey Communications

This book is jam-packed with real-life, how-to information that can be used instantly. It certainly has helped me grow my Business exponentially beyond my dreams.

Pamela Hetherington, Artist, Choreographer and Dance Educator, Take It Away, Inc.

I loved the testimonials in your book from your many clients, “When CHANGE Means BUSINESS” shows clear that these techniques work well in your work and in your personal life

Sue Hodgson, Senior Editor at CRC Press, London Office

This Change-Expert Speaker has put his wisdom in print. Well done, DW.

Eric Kelley, Logistician, Professional Speaker, U.S. Government

If you want to improve the direction toward your goals with immediate practical information that will cut your learning curve by 90% this book is for you.

Randall Taussig, CEO/Founder, Blue Core Leadership, Coaching/Training Entrepreneurial Organizations

“DW Thank you for helping me to stop thinking small and have the confidence to believe in my greatness and the unique, powerful gifts I bring to the world and those in my life now and in the future. You were funny, interesting and inspiring all at the same time. You stories were so real and believable. “

Patty Marcus

Asia Pacific Initiatives, Director