Brain Exercise for EXPONENTIAL Business & Personal Growth

This blog is based on an excerpt from OPPOSITE HAND ATTACK the Bonus Chapter in my book, “When CHANGE Means BUSINESS” How to Achieve EXPONENTIAL Business Growth Thru 5 CHANGE-DRIVERS.

OPPOSITE HAND ATTACK?  What is that??? It is one of the CHANGE-DRIVERS that helps you become the driver of change (rather than getting run over by it) so you can achieve EXPONENTIAL Growth in your business and your life. And, it’s simple. I use this CHANGE-DRIVER in my life every day. In fact, I use it many times a day. Ok…here’s how it works.

Let’s start by calling the hand you use the most often your dominant hand (DH) and the one you use less, your nondominant hand (NDH). By the way, it occurred to me that “Opposite Hand Attack” sounds a lot cooler than “nondominant hand focusing”. Wouldn’t you agree? I hope so. Anyway, what we are going to do is use your NDH to do something that is very common to you on a daily basis.

I’ll give you three examples. You can do one, two, or all three. It’s your choice.

Why do OHA, Opposite Hand Attack? The key reason to do Opposite Hand Attack is to keep your brain functioning at its peak by creating new neural pathways for EXPONENTIAL growth. When you do your routines with your DH such as brush your teeth, pour your coffee, open a door, hang up your coat,  you are using the same neural networks over and over again. The results are a life of predictability. It’s almost as if you do these routines at a subconscious level. You are not giving your brain change.
So when you say you could probably drive to work with your eyes closed, you are closer to the truth than you might think. By using your NDH, you create new neural pathways that stimulate EXPONENTIAL growth. When you do the same things over and over, year after year, you get to a point somewhere in your life that it becomes the only way you do a particular action. In fact, you believe that it is the only way you are able to do that particular action. This CHANGE-DRIVER is designed to change that concept and drive you in the direction of belief in your FBP, Fuller Brain Potential.

Here’s how to do Opposite Hand Attack. Go get a pen and a piece of paper to write on. Put the pen in your dominant hand (DH). Now, for most of the world, that would be their right hand. For those of you whose DH is your left hand, I want you to know that this CHANGE-DRIVER may be a bit easier for you than for the right-handed folks. Now take the pen and put it in your nondominant hand, NDH, your opposite hand, hence the title Opposite Hand Attack. With the pen in your NDH, I want you to write your name on the paper. I’ ll give you a moment to do that…Pretty simple technique, huh?

Here’s what Einstein said about simplicity. “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Here are three keys you can learn about your change process from this CHANGE-DRIVER:

1st Key… Did you write it as I asked you to, or did you print it like most people often do? Could it be that you tackle change by taking the easy way so you will have a better feeling of success? Sometimes change is hard.  And to be truly successful with it, you can’t take the easy way out.


2nd Key… Do you like how it looks?  Most people don’t. Ever heard the question…How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  Or the more common question, I often use in my consulting and workshop sessions is…How do you eat a sandwich? Same as the elephant, one bite at a time. Maybe you set your standards too high too soon. You’ve been writing your name with your dominant hand for at least how many years? To expect it to look good so quickly with your opposite hand might be a tad unrealistic., Big goals are important, but when it comes to change, if you are a bit more patient within your business and personal life’ s situations,  you will achieve more.  Remember when you set your standards too high too soon you can end up giving up too soon.  This may seem like a simple concept but it’s powerful.

3rd Key… Did you accomplish the task even if you didn’t like the results? So you successfully changed. I tell all my clients, if you can do that, what else can you do you haven’t even attempted.  Sure you won’t be great at the changes at first. I have them start small. And you start to see that there’s limitless possibility if we can open ourselves up to it for EXPONENTIAL growth.

There are many other OHA CHANGE-DRIVER choices in my book, “When CHANGE Means BUSINESS”.  Some try pouring coffee with their opposite hand, or brushing their teeth, or eating a meal. As they become successful with these simple changes they realize that change is not a matter of IF but how soon and how often. They recognize its return on time investment and start to use this CHANGE-DRIVER to drive EXPONENTIAL growth in all aspects of their business and personal lives.

I invite you to try that on as well. For me, by practicing this CHANGE-DRIVER, I HAVE LEARNED HOW TO shave my face and even tie my shoes with my opposite hand. This CHANGE-DRIVER has opened my mind to my true potential and continues to drive EXPONENTIAL growth for my business as well as personal life. Since this CHANGE-DRIVER we’ve covered here is called Opposite Hand Attack, take that opposite hand and find your other shoulder and pat yourself on the back. . Doesn’t that feel good?

Practice switching it up a few times a day and remember how this stands for allowing the ‘CHANGE’  or unexplored into our lives and serves as a reminder of allowing ourselves to not get it perfect right away. All the while you’re actually building new neural pathways in your brain – you could say, you’re taking your brain to the gym. Talk about driving change! So take it on and if you’ d like to discover more blogs on what you can do to DRIVE CHANGE or explore having me speak or train for your leaders and organization, please visit,

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