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How’s your Attitude?

I offer to you this challenge! Live this year like it was your last one on earth, or in business; for all you know it may be. No one knows the future, especially yours. What would you be thankful for? Who would you talk to? Who would you meet with? How long would you...

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A Quick Change Artist who Means Business

So when you read the title of this article, did you think of the America's Got Talent TV show episodes that feature, a husband and wife team, Sos and Victoria, who were true quick change artists? She changes her outfits, which he designs, in mere seconds. It’s quite...

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Your GPS Success Strategy

So let me be the first one to admit it...change is hard. It’s just easier to keep doing the same things, the same way. Why rock the boat.  Things aren’t so bad after all, are they? Let’s use the analogy of taking a Journey. Maybe it’s on a cruise-ship. So what’s the...

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My 5 F’s for Life

FAITH, FEAR, FOCUS, FORCE, FORGIVE They are my personal success cornerstones for how I lead my life. As a survivor of three separate Traumatic Brain Injury accidents I sometimes need a little help in remembering concepts, including those that are near and dear to my...

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How to improve your memory for Better Business and Life

Improve Your Memory For Better Business &  Life Wow.  You just found a blog to change how you can use your memory more effectively to save you time, money and stress in your work and personal life. If, you like me, think it sounds too good to be true, keep...

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A SIMPLE AND PROFOUND WAY TO GIVE BACK.  YOU'LL CREATE CAPTIVATING RESULTS!      This is a program created and developed by me that encourages "paying it forward". I have presented this program for the past 16 years in many parts of the world. It is a rather...

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Opposite Hand Attack

Brain Exercise for EXPONENTIAL Business & Personal Growth This blog is based on an excerpt from OPPOSITE HAND ATTACK the Bonus Chapter in my book, “When CHANGE Means BUSINESS” How to Achieve EXPONENTIAL Business Growth Thru 5 CHANGE-DRIVERS. OPPOSITE HAND ATTACK? ...

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You Are the Greatest

You Are The Greatest   There is no one like you.  It is time to admit that. By not doing so, you are cheating yourself, the world.  You are here to do great works - and you know it.  You  are  a  child  of  God.  Ever since you were young you knew you were here...

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