“Your unbridled optimism and courage was so refreshing. Using your 5 S.T.A.R.R. Confidence Strategy model really made your point. Yours is a great story of overcoming adversity … By telling your story it was not only inspiring, but it made you real and believable. I’ve asked the meeting planner to please bring you back in 6 months.”

Jeannine Wray
Self-reliant and Self-employed

DW Starr Speaks from Experience!

His clients have adopted his philosophy of Confidence Building to drive increased profits, productivity and performance.

Through his unconventional and innovative high-energy presentation style, he is a perfect choice for any organization that wants to utilize Confidence Building Strategies that can be implemented immediately to generate increased innovation and sales revenue, affect positive change and increased market share, and increase employee engagement. He also has a thriving consulting practice.

For twenty years, DW has been helping his clients reach higher levels of success. Selling since he was 9 years old, having endured and survived 3 separate TBI’s (traumatic brain injuries), and a top sales producer for over 30 years in the medical information industry, he is uniquely experienced in Building Confidence. His expertise has led him to present and consult at conventions and workshops in 9 countries and throughout the United States. His clients come in all sizes from large to small, front-line salespeople to sales managers. All find his information timely, meaningful, doable, and successful!

He has inspired and transformed countless organizations and lives through his time-tested insightful and groundbreaking 5 Star Blockbuster-Movies Formula and his proprietary 5 S.T.A.R.R. Confidence Strategy.

DW also served in the US Army as a Movie and TV director and actor.

DW is the author of When CHANGE Means BUSINESS, and his forthcoming book… Become More CONFIDENT in 17 Minutes.