So when you read the title of this article, did you think of the America’s Got Talent TV show episodes that feature, a husband and wife team, Sos and Victoria, who were true quick change artists? She changes her outfits, which he designs, in mere seconds. It’s quite amazing to watch the precision and strategy they apply to their performance. . Check them out on YouTube.

Well Surprise, this article is not about that. It is about becoming a quick change artist in your business and personal life to create and enjoy the success you deserve.

So let’s break it down. Here are a few definitions from

perceptive – prompt response -rapid motion – completed in a short time frame
to make the future different than what it would be if left alone – transform -substitute – modify – transition – alter
creative – thought provoking -aesthetic – practices fine, performing, or commercial art – one whose work exhibits exceptional skill

So with these definitions who might you think of as a quick change artist? They are all around us. Here are 3 very different examples of quick change artists:

The librarian who is perceptive to the changing needs of new readers and is skillful at picking out the references needed.

The salesperson who promptly alters their “elevator pitch” to meet the transition they see in their marketplace by crafting a pitch that better resonates with their clients’ needs.

The physician who completes in a short time frame a patient friendly web portal reflecting the newest alternatives in preventative medicine in a creative entertaining way through gaming..

Now let’s look at your opportunity.

Are You prompt, perceptive, and responsive in observing the transition, modification, and future focus of your market, social group, or competition? Do you go out of your way to gain the knowledge and data needed that will result in a perceptive outcome?

And are you swiftly translating that perception into action that utilizes a creative approach with either the newest or future focused paradigms?

Here are 5 key questions every successful quick change artist answers after contemplative and creative thinking:

1.    What is happening, today, in my marketplace, my business & personal relationships, and other organizations & companies that is fresh, alive, and worth paying attention to?

2.    What is no longer relevant, an old-style approach, or a discarded concept I am still using in my business or personal life that must change?

3.    What benefit do I believe I am deriving from holding on to this old paradigm? How am I fooling myself and what is it costing me?

4.    What greater benefit will I get by letting go of the answer I gave in question #2 by transitioning, modifying, or altering my approach and strategy?

5.    How can I be agile, take prompt action and make this change creative & entertaining?

Be honest with your business and self.

Answer these 5 questions successfully, take your committed action, and you will be on your way to becoming a quick change artist and creating the success you deserve.